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Viro Melchior, Oct 15, 12 3:11 AM.
School is kicking my butt!
As you guys have probably noticed, I really haven't had the time for Guild Wars 2.  Part of that is my fault - I'm losing that initial super-drive for the game.  I'm paying close attention though, and hoping they put out some content that makes level 80 more than WvW/sPvP (or makes WvW more rewarding).
If you need anything, leave me a message here.
Kbai and Lynch can handle any in-game issues.  Aclori is here on the website.

Generally speaking though, I can't get classwork done if I'm logged into the game, so I can't really just afk (I will get distracted).  I'll be on when I can though - and will be primarily looking to do dungeons (anything I haven't done, or CoF/HotW repeats) or WvW.

Good luck to everyone!

P.S.  RECRUIT RECRUIT RECRUIT.  If I'm not doing it, someone has to step up.  We have 2 official recruiters, but its barely showing.  So do your part and get 1-2 new members.

October update

Viro Melchior, Oct 5, 12 3:27 PM.
A couple major changes:

1)  Redid the ranks some.  See the forums for more information.  Basic structure is the same.
2)  Promoted a lot of people and added titles to all leadership positions.  Again, see forums.

Still looking for new members.  Still looking for people interested in helping out with leadership positions.

Current goal is 200 members.  We're really struggling in recruitment, and I'd like to see everyone help out some.  Remember, if everyone recruits 1 player, we double in size.

Fall Term (college) begins. SOL continues to grow.

Viro Melchior, Sep 24, 12 12:04 PM.
Okay everyone, the big day (for me) is here.  The end of my ability to spend 12+ hours every day online.
With rather limited help so far, I've gotten this guild set up, grown past 110 members, and ready to thrive in the GW2 community.

But now, more than ever, I need your help.  Very few people have registered on the forums or logged in to our Teamspeak server, much less volunteered for leadership positions.  All three of these are very important to the long term health of our guild.

Simply registering on the website gives you access to all the forums (Officer chat forum is totally empty), and lets you register your characters.  In addition, the more people we have contributing to the forum, the more value it has.  Currently, the primary two posters (Aclori and myself) are both Guardians, so there are no good guides or perspectives for the other 7 classes.  But you can fix that!

Downloading, installing, and logging into Teamspeak is another major thing you can do.  Not only does it allow for faster communication while doing WvW, sPvP, and dungeons, but simply logging in for 30-90 minutes each day will give everyone else more reason to log in.  I want to see the server reach the point where we have 10-20 members on during prime playing hours every day.  That goal requires doubling our guild population as well, which is easier with higher TS/forum participation to show off.

Finally, we need more people volunteering for leadership roles.  Some of these are very minor, such as Lead Explorer (dungeon/pve content) and Squad Commander (for WvW).  If you think you could help people out, and/or assist with organization and communication, please head to the forums and apply for a position!

And as always, recruit, recruit, recruit!  After reaching 90 members, we've hit an invisible wall, and I need everyone to chip in.  If every active member recruits 2 players by Friday, we can reach our recruitment goal.
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